Kuldiga Live Fest'16 LINE-UP

For the fourth time, on 6 August, the city of Kuldīga will host the summer music festival – Kuldīga Live Fest’16! Each year this is a special occasion, where people come together to listen to the best music that has been out there, combining local, foreign, new and legendary musical talents, that have dedicated themselves for the art of music.

This year the festival will take place for one day – on 6 August, Sunday. The first part of the Live Fest festival will take place in the Sv.Anna’s Church in Kuldīga, where a musical church-service will take place. This will not be an ordinary ministration like you have witnessed before, there will also be local musicians involved (Raimonds Tiguls, Kārlis Kazāks, Jānis Holšteins un Māra Upmane-Holšteine) who will be responsible for creating in the musical part. The main idea of the event – to make ourselves take a break from the daily rush and just take a deep breath and think about the part our lives which we would like to change or make better – more like a musical and meditational experience to seek inner peace.

Ticket price for the musical church service – 7eur.  Starts at 15:00 (3pm) at the St. Anna’s Church in Kuldīga.

The main part of the festival will take place in the Kuldiga Open-Air stage, where is the main festival. Starting 18:30 (6:30pm), the audience will be able to hear different musical performances including local and international musical performers. The following musical acts will be performed by: The Citizens (Latvia), Miks Dukurs (Latvia), Ida Bang & The Blue tears (Sweden), Virginia Maestro (Spain), AC/DC project (Lithuania) , Budda Power Blues (Portugal) and the tribute band of the legendary Led Zeppelin as the head-liner artist -  Letz Zep (UK)!

Combining different genres, but sharing the most important thing – great musical performances throught the day. Ticket price for the festival in June – 20 eur. In July – 22,50eur. In the day of the event – 25eur. Get them online – www.bilesuparadize.lv.  

Did we mention that we have our own official wine this year?

You can read the bios of the artists’ below.

1.The Citizens / Latvia

“The Citizens LV” is a Latvian synth rock band formed in Riga, 2010. The band consists of Jānis Pētersons (vocals), Krišjānis Auziņš (drums), Reinis Višķeris (keyboards), Pauls Rutkovskis (solo guitar) and Mārtiņš Jaunzems (bass guitar). The band has experimented with different music genres until they found their sound - a mix of everything they admire in music and describes it as a synth rock. “The Citizens LV” has an energetic and powerful rhythm section that is accompanied by funky guitar riffs and late 80s classic rock guitar solos. The unique melody gives every song a different vibe - dreamy, fun or melancholic. The band has performed at Positivus'14, Kuldīga LiveFest’15 and EuroBasket’15. Their debut album “Concrete Dreams” was released on October 5th, 2015. The band was chosen to play at the biggest Eastern showcase festival 'Colisium Music Week'16' in Russia. 

Happy Family - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9-HJksZLMM

2. Miks Dukurs / Latvia

Miks Dukurs is an extensive musician from Riga, whose stage experience is measured over ten years. He is the leader of a band, whose current line-up includes drummer Reinis Rekis and bassist Edijs Dukurs. Vocal tasks on the stage Miks enriches by guitar solos and electronic elements. Miks is the author of tunes and lyrics, as well as performs production. The group is popular throughout Latvia, and listeners are regularly delighted with energetic, emotional and uplifting live concerts. The band’s motto is joy of life and revealing of new horizons by not stopping at the defined boundaries of the genre.

Paradise - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svdCDALMRGM

3. Ida Bang &The Blue tears / Sweden

Ida Bang & The Blue Tears [S/DK] is a young blues band based in Stockholm, and they have been called “the future of blues”. In 2015 they won Swedish Blues Challenge and will represent Sweden at European Blues Challenge 2016 in Torrita di Siena, Italy. The band was formed in 2013, and in the last years they have accomplished a lot: they have played shows at the biggest blues festivals around Sweden, released an acclaimed debut EP with five original songs, and received great reviews for their live shows. They just finished the work of their first full-length album, entitled Possibilities, which includes 11 original songs in various blues styles and is ready to be released, but right now they are looking for a record label to release it.

24-year-old lead singer Ida Bang sings with a unique expression and a great voice, influenced by artists such as Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. She is one of the backup singers for the Danish, award winning blues band Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado(together with Lisa Lystam she forms The Tornadettes). They recently released their new album “Songs from the road”, a live CD and DVD, all of which Ida Bang took part in. She has done a lot for female blues in Sweden by forming Ladies Got The Blues, an all female tribute band to women in blues.

The Blue Tears, the band backing her up, consists of four talented, young musicians with a love of blues: John Bernström and Leo Henriksson on guitars, Patrik Engström on bass, and Leo Sund on drums. Together they take this old genre to a new level, making a strong impression with every concert through their great ardor, groove and feeling.

Ida Bang & The Blue Tears – Possibility - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJsDX0EnJTY


4. Virginia Maestro / Spain

Virginia Maestro is a Spanish singer and songwriter. She became well-known when she won the musical TV program `Operación Triunfo´ (a Spanish version of `X Factor´) in 2008. This was

followed by the release of her debut studio album called `Labuat´ with Sony BMG in 2009. This first album reached No. 2 of sales charts in Spain in a few days and it was a great success.

In 2011, Virginia released her second album called `Dulce Hogar ´ after changing her artistic name to Virginia Labuat. Iñaki García, a renowned Spanish musician, was the artistic producer of the album and Virginia the co-producer of the songs. The first single of this album, called `The Time Is Now´, reached in just a few hours the No.1 of iTunes charts and No.8 of sales charts in Spain. `Dulce Hogar´ hit the top 10 of the best-selling albums in Spain and jumped to No.1 of most downloaded albums and video clips on iTunes. Virginia successfully presented this album all around Spain for months and also performed in London, because she became the winner of the contest `Be the Sound of a Taste of Spain´. That year, Virginia Maestro received two nominations (Best Spanish Revelation Artist and Best Video clip) from the `40 Principales Awards´, one of the most important music award ceremonies in Spain. The third and the last studio album that Virginia released with Sony BMG in 2013 was called `Night and Day´. This album included 22 songs written by Virginia in English with a renewed musical style, a mixture of rural folk, soul and jazz under the influence of American pop from the 40s, 50s and 60s. The  first single, `Dream Man´, and its video clip reached the No.1 on iTunes and the album also hit the top of the best-selling albums in Spain.

In 2015, Virginia Maestro came to a parting of the ways with her record label and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaing to release her fourth studio album on her own. She changed herartistic name Virginia Labuat to her real name Virginia Maestro, and she released in October her new album called `BlueBird´. This new 11 songs are full of her American musical influencies and her distinctive voice. The BlueBird´s Tour first stop was Nashville (Tennesse, USA) where she was performing and also met some renowned artists in the Americana Music Festival. Virginia Maestro has already performed in many other countries such as, France, UK and Colombia. And she has also played as opening artist for Beyonce, Jamie Cullum or Seal when they came to Spain years ago. Last year, she shared the stage in two concerts in Spain with the winner of 2013 Latin Grammy, Gaby Moreno.


Circus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgubJ4AoLUY

Dream Man - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9IDCWCLl3k                                                                         

5. AC/DC project / Lithuania

AC/DC Project is a premium and ultimate tribute band to one of the best rock acts in the word,the one and only AC/DC. We keep AC/DC rock train running for 17 years now, not only in Lithuania but in all Baltic states, Poland, Scandinavia! Our team is formed by top musicians in Lithuania, well known for their instrumental virtuosity. We take no prisoners. From the minute we step on the stage, you know that you are done for the rest of the night! Rocky riffs, blazing solos and high pitch voice is and exact and ultimate ACDC tribute band! And playing rock n roll for 17 years made us to have some compositions of our own in AC/DC style. So whether its bike show, or festival, party or open-air, we are gonna rock the place!!!


AC/DC tribute band AC/DC Project spreading full of energy AC/DC hard rock music, like a virus throughout clubs and music venues in Lithuania and abroad. All passionate for rock and skilled professional musicians give an outstanding show for those who haven't seen real AC/DC on flesh and not only! 100 percent of balanced and energetic rock guaranteed.





6. Budda Power Blues / Portugal

Budda Power blues were born in 2004 with the goal of being a laboratory band, where the three musicians could adventure into the improvisation world without any commercial compromises. But soon the band took off and got bigger than any of its members ever imagined. They recorded the first record in 2005, in Ferro, Covilhā, naming it “Wanted”. It includes 3 of Budda’s own creations and several covers. This record sold out pretty soon, and in 2008 they release their 2nd record“Busted”, at Gaia Blues Festival, where they performed alongside Shemekia Copeland and Sherman Robertson. This 2nd album features 3 of Budda’s original songs and 10 other very personal twisted versions of some classics. At this time the band starts to get known for their twisted covers and their power improvisation and long jams, being able to be simultaneously musical and entertaining.

The band tours all Portuguese festivals and in 2010 and release their 3rd record, honoring the 40th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys record. They named it “Kind of Gypsys” because, as usual, the band turned Hendrix’s record upside down and completely changed the arrangements. In order to keep the spirit of the original record, Budda and his band mates went to studio with no previous rehearsals, and for two days they worked and recorded live on tape the entire album, jamming and creating on the flow of the moment. It was the first record they made live and with no overdubs, and it captures the real spirit of this power Trio, and of the original Band of Gypsys. The mixing approach was also influenced by that period of late 60’s and early 70’s, as the drums are on the left, the guitar is on the right and the vocal and bass are at the center. The record was remixed and remastered in 2011, with a more conventional mix, after the first edition sold out.

In 2013 Budda Power Blues releases their 4th record, and the first only with Budda’s original songs and lyrics. “One in a Million” was acclaimed by critics and fans as the band’s best record, and it took Budda Power Blues to a next level. They played in all of the Portuguese blues festivals again, and have been considered by critics as the best Portuguese blues band, and Budda as the best bluesman in Portugal.

Besides playing their own act, Budda power Blues were chosen by Shirley King (BB King’s daughter) to be her band in Europe. Budda Power Blues played with the Daughter of the Blues in Gaia Blues Festival 2013 and Lisbon Blues Fest 2013.

They perform for the second time at one of the most iconic venues in Portugal: Theatro Circo (Braga – Portugal) with a full house.

2013 also marks the first international act for the band. And what better place to start their international career than the Blues Garage in Hannover, Germany? In this mythical venue played names such as Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Joe Bonamassa, Gov’t Mule, Robben Ford, Keith Richards, Glenn Hughes, just to name a few.

2014 is another great mark in the band’s career while they release a video version of an iconic Carlos Paredes song: Verdes Anos.

The band Headlines the Blues Express Luxembourg alongside Jimmie Vaughan and Steven Segal, gets to the finals of Cotai Jazz and Blues international festival in Macau and returns to Blues Garage Hannover for a second show.

The Band joins the Jazz Singer Maria João for a show where she sings the blues along with Budda Power Blues and perform together at the magnificent Casa da Música (Porto) and Lisbon Blues Fest.

In 2015 Budda Power Blues release the 5th record and celebrate their 10th anniversary with an incredible sold out show at Theatro Circo Braga. They return to Luxembourg Blues Express both as Headliners and playing as Shirley King’s band. They play at Santa Maria Blues with Maria João and perform at the iconic Meo Out Jazz festival in Lisbon. In September the band performs in Noite Branca (Braga) for a 100 000 croud.

2016 started with the band working on a new record with the amazing Portuguese Jazz Singer Maria João, to be released in October.

Budda Power Blues were also selected to represent Portugal for the first time in the European Blues Challenge in Torrita di Sienna – Italy in April 2016.

In May 2016, joined Shirley King for 3 special shows in BB King’s memory.

VERDES ANOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2n_4oSFBOg


7. Letz Zep / UK

There are many bands that copy the greats of old, but only few do justice to what the legends have created, let alone add an individual touch. British Letz Zep belong to this small minority that is not only authentic, but original. Led Zeppelin themselves pay respect to their disciples and invite them to official fan-events - this is: only in case Billy Kulke, Andy Gray and company aren't touring the world, be it in Paris for a sold-out show at the Olympia or at Heineken Arena Madrid, festivals in Mexico or Venezuela. The group has long since become a global phenomenon just like their peers, whose record label Warner calls Letz Zep the best band coming after Page and Plant. Publications like Rolling Stone, Classic Rock or French Figaro dedicate multiple page features to them, and BBC broadcasts their shows.

Letz Zep cover the entire catalogue of their idols and keep adding more classics to their repertoire, thus not merely delivering the obvious. Their performance is an expansive display of what the icons have created and enthuses both novices to Led Zeppelin as well as experts. Letz Zep are not about nostalgia, but a music revolt against the wheels of time, a furious outcry against oblivion, because they revive and continue what groundbreaking Rock artists have abandoned way too early.

Stairway to Heaven - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOEAINB_H00


The official wine of Live Fest’16   - Bostavan Gold (Moldova)

Bostavan Gold wine selection is made by Moldova’s most popular winery, which is also claimed to be one of the   richest of tradition - Vinaria Bostavan. The Bostavan Gold wine has been sold in Latvia for just two years, but it has gained a big fan-base in Latvia among the semi-sweet wine lovers. In Latvia there are available 4 types of this wine - Bostavan Gold Cabernet,Chardonnay, Merlot Rose and Kagor. The Bostavan wine distributor in Latvia - Amber Distribution Latvia.